What Difference Will You Make?

Every donation makes a difference! Your support makes Outdoor Adventure + Girl Leadership + Community possible for teen girls in Idaho. With your support we are able to provide our adventures free of charge for every girl. We are able to break down barriers for girls to access the outdoors and we are able to connect girls with supportive and engaging mentors to foster positive leadership development with a lot of wild mixed in! 

**Giving Tuesday is November 27th! Our Wild Giving Campaign will be live HERE on November 20th!

All donations to Wild Hearts Idaho are tax-deductible. WHI Tax ID: 82-3219734.

Wild Hearts Idaho is so important in today and tomorrow’s world and I am a firm believer that opportunities like WHI will shape the next generation of young women who will lead in our communities and beyond. With WHI being based around Idaho’s wild spaces, I think it grows the love and curiosity that young women hold for Idaho and will encourage them to grow up and be a leader in their own state. Idaho needs more strong female leaders, it’s just a plus that they will have a drive to keep Idaho’s wild spaces, wild.
— Acey, Youth Leadership Board Member & Cascade Snowshoe and Yurt Adventurer