Outdoor Adventures

We break down barriers to accessing the outdoors. We increase engagement in healthy risk, challenge by choice, and develop outdoor leadership skills. Our developing Leadership Progression Model creates dynamic leadership growth and skill development through every adventure.

WHI adventures range in half-day, full-day, overnight, and multi-day experiences. Adventure locations and ideas are recommended to us by girls in our community. Girls help shape the opportunities we provide and the places we explore. This is one way we incorporate the girl voice into our outdoor adventures.

All adventures are FREE to participate! We provide healthy meals and snacks, transportation, and necessary gear when needed. We believe the outdoors is for every woman and aim to breakdown all barriers so all girls can explore Idaho's wild places.

I learned that stepping outside my comfort zone is perfectly fine around the girls in WHI!
— Stacia, Boise River Float Adventurer

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Ages 12 - 14 years

Adventure registration opens 1 month in advance of trip date.

Table Rock HIke

June 8th - 10am -1pm @ Table Rock Trailhead

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*12 adventure spots open!

Paddleboard & Kayak Day

July 13th - 11am - 4pm @ Quinn’s Pond

In partnership with Idaho River Sports.

  • Registration will open June 13th!

Fly Fishing: 2-part Series

September - Dates and Times TBD

Lucky Peak campout

September 21st - 22nd @ Lucky Peak

In partnership with Intermountain Bird Observatory.

  • Registration will open August 21st!

Canyon Camping Adventure

October 5th - 6th @ Leslies Gulch

  • Registration will open September 5th!


Ages 15 - 18 Years

Adventure registration opens 1 month in advance of trip date.

YLB Backpacking Adventure - For 2018/2019 WHI YLB Members

May 25th - 27th - Owyhees

Table Rock Hike

June 1st - 10am - 1pm @ Table Rock Trailhead

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*12 adventure spots open!

Cabarton River Rafting

June 15th - 9am - 4pm @ Cabarton River

In partnership with Cascade Raft & Kayak.

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*13 adventure spots open!

Indoor Rock Climbing

June 15th, 22nd, 29th - 10am - 1pm @ BSU Climbing Wall. Join 1 to all 3 sessions!

In partnership with BSU Outdoor Program.

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*12 adventure spots open!

McCall Backpacking Adventure

June 22nd - 23rd @ Louie Lake

  • Registration will open May 22nd!

Salmon River Multi-day Rafting Adventure

July 16th - 18th @ Lower Salmon River

In partnership with Wild Science Explorers.

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*12 adventure spots left!

Fly Fishing: 2-Part Series

September - Dates and Time TBD

Canyon Camping Adventure - For Active Silver Sage Girls ScoutS

September 14th - 15th @ Leslies Gulch

In partnership with Silver Sage Girl Scouts.

  • Registration will open August 14th!

Cascade Snowshoe & Yurt Adventure

December 7th - 8th @ Lake Cascade St. Park

  • Registration will open November 14th!

I learned that I have many traits of a leader and can improve them.
— Charlie, Jump Creek Hike Adventurer
1. Going on new trails isn’t always too risky! 2. I actually enjoy meeting new people. 3. I appreciate girls around my age more, I don’t usually give them enough credit.
— Kimberly, Stack Rock Hike Adventurer