Our Approach

We are a girl-focused and girl-led organization. Our impact is centered on building leadership skills in teen girls, ages 12-18, through outdoor adventure. Our programs combine Outdoor Adventure + Girl Leadership + Community to create engaging and supportive experience for girls to explore, grow, and lead. We engage the girl voice in our decision-making to best meet the needs of teen girls in our community.

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Leadership to me is bringing your strengths to others and helping other people.
— Presley, Table Rock Hike Adventurer

Our Story

We were created from an idea… “How can we empower teen girls to be courageous and confident leaders?” By connecting with teen girls, parents, youth advocates, and community stakeholders, we learned that girls in our community want more opportunities to experience the vast wild places of Idaho and grow leadership skills for their future. Girls desire opportunities to truly connect with themselves and others, to take on leadership roles, to experience outdoor adventure, and be their uniquely silly selves. This is WHY we exist.

Our very first pilot hike to Table Rock in April 2016.

From the beginning, the voice of girls has created who we are. Our first pilot hike launched in May 2016 with a hike to Table Rock in Boise. Six teen girls representing 5 local schools joined on our first adventure. We focused on themes of goal setting, self-esteem, and identifying as a leader. We asked these girls, “When you think of a name that represents being together with other girls and women, exploring the outdoors, and having lots of fun, what kind of words comes to mind?”. They answered..."Wild Hearts". This is how our name was created by girls, for girls. 

In 2017, we offered 2 additional pilot hiking experiences to Table Rock and Castle Rock. We focused on goal setting, using your voice, team building, identifying as a leader, and introductory outdoor leadership skills. In total, 20 girls participated in our adventures. We gained 501c3 non-profit status in January 2018 and our goal for our first official year of programming is to offer 12 adventures for 100 girls!

We are a growing organization that continues to learn from every girl on each adventure. We are determined to break down barriers for girls in the outdoors, to amplify the girl voice within our community and throughout Idaho, and to best meet the needs of our rising female leaders, one adventure at a time.